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This is the ideal opportunity for you to be truthful to yourself. let’s face it–the cookie lover in me cannot get over how to harvest marijuana. Adorable. In the event that you are a college student who likes cannabis, consider how it is affecting your examinations. Some research recommends it might be useful if taken moderately. PROS OF STUDYING UNDER

A Typical Day On The Arbonne Detox

Yum – chicken fajita salad in bad lighting! I don’t sell Arbonne and won’t be making any money off of this post – it’s merely me, sharing my Arbonne Detox experience!  Today marks Day 10 of the Arbonne 30 Days of Healthy Living program. I miss coffee. I really, really miss coffee. Other than that, the sugar cravings and the

Earlier this week, I mentioned a recipe I planned to share that is clean, healthy, and Arbonne detox approved (with modifications from the original). My friend Shannon, who did the detox recently, sent it my way with a note that she thought I’d like it. She’s right. I love anything I can put in my Crock-Pot. It cooks all day