Confessional Friday: A Day In The Life

Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition had the great idea for her Confessional Friday link up to be themed “A Day In The Life” this week. I love that idea! She’s encouraging us to be honest and not make it all shiny and pretty and so – here we go:

Most mornings during the week, I fall out of bed around 5:30 AM. I quite literally mean it when I say “fall out” of bed. It’s 5:30 AM. No one is properly awake then. Knox typically rolls over around this time and goes back to sleep while I blindly pull on workout leggings and a tank top, strap on my heart monitor and dig out a pair of sticky socks to head to a 6AM Pure Barre class.

I have a myriad of thoughts during Pure Barre. A lot of those thoughts are cursing the barre/ball/mat/tube while shaking and sweating profusely. But some mornings, I compare myself to others in the room. She’s way prettier than me. Her heels are lifted higher than mine. I look ridiculous. I can’t do this. It’s not often, but it happens. Thankfully, those thoughts tend to be fleeting. Pure Barre is good at that – making you forget whatever it is that’s weighing on your mind, at least for an hour.

After Pure Barre, I rush home and take Knox out for a walk. Those early morning walks are among my favorite parts of the day, whether it’s sunny, raining, hot, or cold. It’s my quiet time, where I can pray to God and listen to what He has to say to me. It’s precious time that I always make time for, even if I oversleep and am running behind.

Right after our walk, I make my bed. There’s something about walking into my bedroom and seeing my bed neat and tidy that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, no matter how small the act of tucking in a few sheets may be. Then, after a shower, I make myself some breakfast, pour myself a to-go tumbler of coffee – God bless programmable coffee makers for always having my coffee hot and ready by the time my shower is over – and sit and watch Today for a few minutes. I take a few minutes during this time to read the day’s devotion in Jesus Calling.

Getting ready for work is a pretty low maintenance deal. I work in a casual environment so I put on some makeup, dry my hair, pull on whatever outfit I thought up during my hair and makeup routine, and head out the door, coffee in hand. I try to leave at 8:15, but I’m usually a couple minutes past that. Good thing I only live 10 minutes from the office.

My day-to-day at work is never quite the same. At 8:45 every morning, we have a brief on any news that developed in our industry over the last day. At 9:15, I have a 15 minute one-on-one meeting with my manager to discuss client work, priorities, challenges, whatever we need to go over. From there, I might have a day full of meetings – like today – or I might not have a single one. In the afternoons, starting at 4:30, I have 15 minute one-on-one meetings with my Junior Account Managers.

Most of the time, I love my job. I feel confident and enjoy what I’m doing. Every once in a while though, stress settles in. Some days, I take a quick walk around the block to catch my breath and center myself again. Other days, I undock my laptop and go work in the reception area or one of the conference rooms. We work in one big room which is great 95% of the time – we can collaborate and chat and there are plenty of windows to see what’s going on outside. But sometimes, it’s too loud for me to think. I tend to get a tremendous amount of work done when I hole up on a couch or in a conference room for an uninterrupted hour.

I usually get to come home for lunch, although that wasn’t the case most days this week. This week was admittedly rough. When I come home for lunch, I take Knox out, eat, and usually have a few minutes to watch TV or read a book before heading back to the office. I usually get a Diet Pepsi from the drink machine on my way back – got to have that afternoon caffeine fix. The work day is done at 5:30 and fortunately, I can usually leave work at the office. That’s not always the case, but I’ll take working from home in the evenings once in a while over every single night like I did at my previous agency any day.

My evenings are wide and varied. A lot of evenings, I have something Junior League related. If it’s not Junior League, it’s dinner with a friend or errands to run. I go for a run most evenings, a task made a lot easier when there’s a lake at my apartment complex to run around. Sometimes my roommate and I watch a movie – usually Disney, because we like to pretend we’re 12, if only for a couple of hours. I usually cook myself something for dinner, though I’ve had popcorn for dinner twice this week, thanks to a busy schedule. At some point, I sit down to write for a bit each night. I blog, work on projects. I always have something streaming from Netflix in the background.

I talk to my mom throughout the day. She emails me while I’m at work and one of us calls the other every evening. I love getting to talk to her for a few minutes. Sometimes she has gossip to share, other times we just chat about what we’re having for dinner, what the twins and my stepdad are doing or what’s happening on whatever episode of Criminal Minds she happens to be watching. She always asks about Knox – he’s kind of a big deal around here.

Most nights, I’m asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I lead a busy life and try to cram a lot in each day. I say my prayers before I fall asleep though – always.

But other nights, I have a hard time falling asleep. Some nights, my mind is just busy. Most days, I’m content to wait on God. I trust in his plan. But sometimes, I lay in bed and ponder life. When is God going to answer this prayer or that prayer? Will I ever find a good, Godly man who has read a book or two and maybe has a decent sense of humor? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Did I turn the kitchen light off? Did I lock the door? It goes on and on.

My life is busy. I like to have a lot going on. But lately, I’ve been craving time to be still. I took a couple of days off around the Fourth of July holiday and that was fantastic. It wasn’t enough though. I want one day – just one day – where I can turn my phone off and leave my laptop closed. One day where I don’t have to be anywhere or talk to anyone. I want one day to sleep in and read books and watch movies and do whatever I want without any interruption.

I think we all want a day like that every now and then.

That’s a typical day in my life. It’s not grand or impressive, but it’s my life. And I’m pretty okay with it.

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. says

    I’m a big fan of the Disney movie myself!! I actually used to work full time at Disney World but quit that am starting teaching! I’ve been thinking about getting involved in Junior League in my new city (I’m moving in August). What’s your favorite thing about it?

    I’m Kathleen from Places I Will Go! I’m visiting from Leslie’s link up! :)

    • Sarah says

      Disney movies are fantastic! Favorite thing about Junior League… I couldn’t name just one! I’ve met so many amazing women and made such great friends. But I’ve also been able to do a lot of great work in my community. It’s a great organization!

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