5 Things I Can’t Live Without

We all have things we can’t live without – the Bible, our family and friends, our pets… Then there’s the whole hierarchy of needs with shelter and food and all that stuff. Besides those necessary things, I have a few things I can’t live without, not counting my iPhone and laptop. Here are 5 things I can’t live without:

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

I can’t express my love of peanut butter enough. I love it so much, I don’t buy it. If I have peanut butter in the pantry, there is absolutely nothing, not hell nor high water, that will keep me from devouring the whole jar within four days of purchase. It’s especially dangerous if I have chocolate chips laying around. Pour a few of those over in the jar of peanut butter, grab a spoon and enjoy.

The best though? Melting a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, drizzling it over apple slices, and topping with the aforementioned chocolate chips. Sort of healthy nachos. You can thank me later for that recommendation.

A Good Book

I’m rarely without a good book. I love to read. I usually have a book in my bag and if I don’t, that’s okay – I have the Nook app on my phone. Whether its a classic I’ve read over and over or a book from whatever the latest young adult series my friends are reading, I’ll have something to read with me at all times.



I’m not a very nice person without coffee. I drink it throughout the day, the way most people drink water. I just acquired an espresso maker – thanks again, Of Pups and Pearls! – and now I’m always working on a caffeine fix.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Ask me in the middle of a Pure Barre class, and I’ll deny it. But it’s true. I rarely go more than two days in a row without a visit to the barre. My friends tease me because I unconsciously stand around in Pure Barre poses or else wince at random because the arms/thigh/seat/abs part of the workout was extra rough that day. I love the lift, tone, burn.

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling

I think everyone needs this devotional. I downloaded the app on my phone and have the book itself on my Nook. The daily message always seems to be exactly what I need to hear. I start each day by reading a passage.

What items can you not live without? What about the men in your life? Man Crates ships unique “gifts for all kinds of guys” in custom made crates – that you have to open with a crowbar! I’m not even a guy, and I think that’s cool. With all their beef jerky options, I think the guys in my office wouldn’t mind any one of those crates landing in our kitchen. Us gals wouldn’t hate it either. Because let’s be honest, we eat our fair share of the literal pounds of jerky that show up in the kitchen the second we eat the last piece of the last pound.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. Of Pups n Pearls says

    Oh, we share a peanut butter problem too?! I love coffee, but I’m just a Keurig kinda’ gal, and if pressed to choose, I’d forsake the bean for tea.

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